Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BIDS is not working after SQL Server Installation or BIDS is not installed properly.

First point is to make sure that Visual Studio is installed or not. If not previously have Visual Studio installed then first install it from SQL Server setup or run below msi or exe file:


This will install the VS Shell. After this is installed repair the BI Studio installation by running the following from the command line from the .\Tools directory:

start /wait setup.exe /qb REINSTALL=SQL_WarehouseDevWorkbench REINSTALLMODE=OMUS

If above cmd gives any error then run sqlRun_tools.msi (Root\tools\setup\sqlRun_tools.msi))setup before running above cmd.Once this will complete then proceed once again with above cmd.


Eric schilona said...

Hey Thank you very much Man!!!!you just saved my job!!

Uday Arumilli said...

Hay This is excellent. Works for me. Thanks Man.